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Transfer Bar

Transfer Bar

Transfer Bar

Produced in a rounded shape, with a size of 50 cm, our transfer bar is used where there is a need to transfer loads between one plate and another, such as joints in floors of logistics and industrial warehouses, parking lots, roads, reinforced concrete floors and airports.

It allows the performance of retraction and expansion movements where there is an origin of temperature variation on the structure. It also avoids warping, cracks in the concrete and, once applied, it slides easily because it is perfectly straight and has no burrs or dents at the ends. Our transfer bar is easy to handle, check and store, in addition to having a lower thickness and overall cost.

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Tabela de Medidas

Barra Quadrada3/8″9,530,713
Barra Quadrada12 mm12,001,130
Barra Quadrada1/2″12,701,266
Barra Quadrada5/8″15,881,980
Barra Quadrada3/4″19,052,849

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