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Cipalam Code of Conduct

Cipalam values ​​good conduct and ethics in its relationships. That’s why we created our Code of Conduct (linkar a página do site), with the purpose of promoting the alignment of standards among shareholders, directors, officers, representatives, and employees, encouraging them to adopt behaviors and attitudes guided by basic values ​​and ethical, social, and constructive behavior in an environment that promotes appreciation and mutual respect for any interested party.

In this sense, in addition to the Code of Conduct, we have also defined incremental policies, such as the Conflict-of-Interest Policy, Anti-Corruption Policy and the Human Rights Policy to further help in conducting activities with integrity and the highest ethical standards.

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Cipalam is committed to acting with integrity and ethics. Therefore, it has an external and outsourced reporting channel available, which is the main means of communication of deviations that violate the guidelines of the Company’s Code of Conduct (Code of Ethics).

The investigation processes are supported by a committee (CEO), aiming to ensure greater impartiality and confidentiality in the investigation processes.

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