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Our line has the lowest linear weight We have lighter steel solutions, with lower cost and greater profitability for the customer.

Discover Cipalam's advantages and find out why it is trusted by the market

We are a company that prides itself on its family origins and values a good relationship with customers, attentive to developments and sustainability.

We have a new and more user-friendly website to optimize your time

Our portal has a new version with more content and ease for you to find what you need. All much more user friendly. Check it out!

Cipalam opens its first retail store in São Paulo

A unit that has been planned for a long time, with an expanded product line that will bring the company even closer to its customers.

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Perfil U

Peça metálica versátil e resistente, utilizada em grandes construções ou obras residenciais, além…
Tubo Redondo

Round Tube

Manufactured with carbon steel and with an excellent welding, cutting, and packaging finish. The square…
Tubo Quadrado

Square Tube

Our laminated steel solution is manufactured with the highest standard of resistance and safety, respecting…
Tubo Retangular

Rectangular Tube

Manufactured with the highest standard of resistance and safety, respecting the most demanding production standards,…

Flat Bar

Very versatile, the flat bar manufactured by Cipalam comes from hot rolling, following all quality…
Barra Redonda

Round Bar

With a circular cross section and a wide variety of gauges, the round bar guarantees…
Barra Quadrada

Square Bar

We produce ideal square bar options, with defined length and square cross section, resulting in…

Measurement Converter

We have a simple-to-use tool that will help you convert measurements into numerical values, facilitating communication with LPC automation. Do not hesitate when choosing the best product for your needs!

Products Catalog

Cipalam's products can be used in several segments. Download our catalog and have our entire line of bars, profiles, and tubes at your disposal.


About Us

In the market for almost 40 years, Cipalam offers high quality products for civil construction, machinery and equipment, structural mechanical industry, and other sectors. We have laminated bars and profiles (angle, transfer bars, square, flat, and round) and tubes (round, square and rectangular).

We have two units in Vale do Aço (MG). At Iguaçu, in Ipatinga, we manufacture profiles and bars (8 thousand tons/month) and tubes (4 thousand tons/month). The plant in Santana do Paraíso can reach 13 thousand tons/month.

With principles of transparency and loyalty, we are a family company, which has been modernizing in the constant search for efficiency. We value the good relationship with customers who, spread across Brazil, make a point of buying with us because they recognize our quality, our price and delivery time.

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Recent news

Cipalam will receive a contribution of BRL 32 million from BNDES

Company undertakes to present environmental, social and governance improvements and practices For the first time,…

Steelworks: Cipalam receives investments to expand production

Project for the new manufacturing unit was presented to Governor Romeu Zema during a meeting…

Cipalam receives International Renewable Energy Certificate

For the company, it is not only an achievement: but a commitment to the environment…

Environment week: selective collection is the theme during an event at Cipalam

Employees engaged in various activities and strategies that reinforced the company’s commitment Admittedly committed to…

The Institute celebrates 15 years with a lot of gratitude, cake, and a delicious breakfast

Cipalam’s social project celebrates its anniversary and with the families assisted in Ipatinga The Cipalam…

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