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Why working at Cipalam?

A family-owned company, admittedly reputable and focused on offering customers the best steel solutions, Cipalam is proud of the appreciation of its employees. Several started out as interns and today hold leadership and management positions. We have people management practices with performance evaluation and climate survey cycles – with an excellent favorability rate.


And the family issue is not restricted to the fact that Cipalam continues to perpetuate itself under the watchful eyes and extreme dedication of the founder’s children and grandchildren, Mr. Raimundo Anício Alves. Cipalam is also recognized for generating pride in its employees, making them also want their children and grandchildren to work for the company.

Family cycles like Mr. José Martins, who retired working on Cipalam’s production line, but without first encouraging and seeing two sons following in his path. Carlos Alberto was the first. He completed 10 years with the company in 2022. Ivanil, the youngest, has accumulated six years in two visits to the Ipatinga unit.

“My father was very happy here. He worked at Cipalam for 25 years, and he always said that it was a very good company, that he wanted us to work here too”, says Carlos Alberto. “We are very proud to work at Cipalam. The team is very good, united. We are very happy here”, completes Ivanil.

Both are unanimous in highlighting the professional appreciation and the atmosphere of friendship and companionship among employees, making the service even more profitable.

“One always makes up for the absence of the other, whether at lunch or snack time. As the company cannot stop, we don’t let it stop. One helping the other, doing our best, to repay what Cipalam does for us. Here we are friends”, highlights Carlos Alberto.

A fulfillment similar to that of Lílian Lopes Moreira, who completed two decades working at Cipalam. Then an accounting student, she started her career doing an internship and, since then, she has witnessed the evolution and growth of the company. She was an intern, assistant, analyst, and accountant. She took over finance, followed transitions, the entry of corporate governance and is now responsible for controllership.

“The company was growing; challenges were appearing, and I was able to keep up with these 20 years. For me, it is a company of opportunities. Cipalam continues to grow. And the challenge now is to follow the company’s evolution and projects, make projections and business viability analyses”, highlighted Lílian

She also has an emotional connection with the company. After all, it was in the Cipalam’s cafeteria that she met her husband, who worked on the production line. 

“And I don’t forget when I was building my house, Mr. Geraldo Éder (then president), took half an hour out of his day, put me in the car and went to visit the construction. A concern, a kind gesture…”, recalls Lílian.

Stories that prove the pride employees have in carrying the Cipalam name on their chests.

Decentralized Work

Cipalam is a company that is also proud of the fact that it hires residents of the communities neighboring the two units – in Ipatinga and in Santana do Paraíso. However, with the pandemic caused by Covid-19, like many companies, we instituted the home office for several sectors. This made it possible to search for professionals in different parts of the country, especially for the commercial and strategic areas. Currently, we have employees in several Brazilian states.

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Why working at Cipalam?

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our services and products. And, the company’s internal processes, investing in our employees, equipment, and technology.

At Cipalam, we highly value teamwork, safety, innovation, and sustainability. Our collaborators are encouraged to create, having the freedom to express their opinions and the opportunity to give suggestions. We love to hear what they have to say! 

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