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Activity Map

Activity Map


Commercial Activity

Cipalam is a steel solutions company that operates in the long and light profiles market. We offer a wide range of steel products: bars and profiles (angle and flat, square, and round bars), welded carbon steel tubes (round, square and rectangular) and briquettes (steel aggregates used in the production of pig iron). 

Cipalam’s steel has a characteristic that sets it apart in the market and is very pleasing to customers: it has the lowest linear weight on the market, sold from one ton. What do you get with it? Surely there will be more bars to sell!

We have representation in all regions of the country. A huge capillarity, which guarantees that you can have access to our products regardless of where you are, thanks to the high level of our customer service. This service is being expanded with the opening of our first retail store, in São Paulo, to reinforce our objective of being a steel solution for the market.

Our products can be purchased by customers from anywhere in Brazil. And even abroad – our line is sold to Paraguay. Directly at our factory or through our sales representatives, spread throughout the national territory. A work always based on a partnership of trust, seeking the satisfaction of our client.

See the nearest commercial representative on the map and make a contact. You can also send us an email with your request, and we will get back to you.

What do you need? Contact us. Cipalam wants to help you!

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