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About Us

About Us


Our Story

Cipalam – Companhia Ipatinguense de Laminação – has been in the market for almost 40 years producing laminated bars and profiles (angle, square bar, flat bar, and round bar) and high-quality tubes (round, square and rectangular) for civil construction, machinery and equipment, structural mechanical industry, among other sectors.

The company was founded in 1985, but our history began in the 1960s, with the construction of Ipatinga and the installation of Usinas Siderúrgicas de Minas Gerais (Usiminas) in the city. At that time, Empresa de Perfilados NMF also appeared, which bought and processed steel to later manufacture its products. Sold to Companhia Mineira de Laminação, it operated for just over three years and declared bankruptcy.

That’s when the Drummond Alves Family appeared in the story. At the beginning of the construction of Ipatinga, Raimundo Anício Alves, a former traveling salesman and contractor, opened a bar in the center of the city, which became famous for the delicacies that his wife, Dona Ita, used to make. Delights that even attracted the then governor Juscelino Kubitscheck, who would stop by the place to have coffee and biscuits during his wanderings around the region.

Mr. Anício, as he was known, supported the idea of ​​his eldest son, José Edélcio, of acquiring the entire industrial heritage of the bankrupt Companhia Mineira de Laminação. And, in 1985, Cipalam was created. The management process was implemented by another son, Geraldo Eder, whose management multiplied by more than 15 times the monthly production.

Our Production

Cipalam’s production is divided into two industrial units in Vale do Aço region, in Minas Gerais: Iguaçu, in Ipatinga, and Paraíso, in Santana do Paraíso. The Iguaçu unit houses the profiles and bars factories, with a production capacity of 8,000 tons/month, and tubes (4,000 tons/month). The Paraíso unit has a production capacity of 13,000 tons/month.

The idea of ​​a family business accompanies Cipalam to this day, even after changes in management. This is because over the years, we have been building a relationship base with customers, which is our advantage. New customers or those who have been with us for decades, who recognize the ethics, honesty and personalized service of a company that started small, with 70 employees, and which today has more than 300, selling steel solutions throughout Brazil and abroad.


Edilar Luciano Vitali AlvesCEO

“Cipalam has achieved a spectacular customer loyalty base, working in long-term partnerships. The fact that it is a family-owned, honest company that has always cherished the good relationship with its customers is a spectacular legacy that I inherited, from trips I took to visit customers who hugged me. I would hug them back and hear them say, ‘I will always buy from you, because when I needed you, you helped me. When I needed money and everyone turned their backs on me, Cipalam helped me, gave me credit, gave me a deadline and I managed to get back on my feet. And today I am who I am because of you. It's the question we ask: 'What's your problem? We want to help you’”, highlights the company’s CEO, Edilar Luciano Vitali Alves.

A family business

Cipalam, a family business, honest and healthy, which has been modernizing itself in a constant search for efficiency and which values ​​a good relationship with customers. These customers, spread across Brazil and Paraguay, make a point of shopping with us because they recognize the best we have product quality, delivery time and attention to the needs and evolution of the market.

What is your problem? Tell us. Cipalam wants to help you!

our story


Cipalam enters the retail market and opens a store in São Paulo.

BNDES approves ESG Credit line financing for Cipalam

Start of the corporate governance structuring process

With the construction of the tube unit, Cipalam starts working on a new market

Start of the operation of Laminação Paraíso

Start of construction of a new unit, in Santana do Paraíso, which started operating in 2012

It receives ISO 9001 certification

Ipatinga Unit undergoes a major renovation, enabling greater productivity and the insertion of new products in the product line

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