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Cipalam Quality Standard

Cipalam has its own laboratory for chemical and physical analysis, with a traction machine and a spectrometer. State-of-the-art equipment that guarantees our customers the proper testing of the mechanical properties and chemical components of the steels sold. 

For example, the chemical composition, yield, rupture, and elongation limits are tested, aiming to guarantee the control, quality, and assertiveness of our products.

Certified Products

Cipalam has two international certifications: ABNT NBR ISO 9001, a standard that guarantees the quality management system, and ABNT NBR ISO 14001, which is the environmental management system.

Certifications guarantee that Cipalam controls its processes and products, offering customers adequate steel solutions that satisfy application and regulatory needs. In addition, they also ensure that operations carry out adequate environmental management, ensuring the conscious use of natural resources and ensuring the sustainability of the business.

 Moreover, we are a member of the Brazilian Steel Committee (ABNT/CB-28), responsible for preparing Brazilian steel technical standards and which discusses product standards.

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