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ESG Commitment

ESG Commitment


ESG Commitment

The term Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) or Ambiental, Social e Governancia (ASG) is a way of defining whether a company’s operations are socially responsible, sustainable, and properly managed. The concept is used to describe how much a business seeks ways to minimize its impacts on the environment, cares about people and adopts good administrative practices.

And Cipalam is increasingly committed to such sustainable practices on a daily basis because it believes that sustainable development – for the company and for the regions where our two units are located – is part of a process of valuing not only the environment, but in generating value for different audiences.

A work that has been carried out for years in the company and that is currently being structured within the ESG theme.

Environmental Responsibility

In July, Cipalam underwent an audit in pursuit of ISO 14001 certification, which is the most recognized international standard for environmental management systems, used worldwide, and which specifies the requirements for an organization to proactively identify and understand the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services and the associated environmental impacts.

Soon, we will publish our sustainability report, with a summary of what we have been doing in relation to the environment, social issues and those related to governance.

Cipalam is proud of the clean and economical steelmaking process carried out at both units. We work like a recycler, and there is no material left over. Everything left during the process enters the circular economy of steel: the scrap is sold, returning it to the steel production process. The use of water in the lamination process is also circular: water is lost only through evaporation. In our plants there is a minimal need for water replacement, as it undergoes a recirculation process. Zero waste!

Cipalam carries out noise and air monitoring – in this case, to find out what type of gas it is emitting. In addition, 100% of our energy comes from a clean source (it is not from hydroelectric that had to be flooded). We have a series of deliverables in relation to the environment.

Currently, the company is carrying out a greenhouse gas inventory, a condition required by BNDES for granting the financing

Social Responsibility

Cipalam has a recognized social commitment inside and outside the units. In addition to the Institute named after the founder of the company – Raimundo Anício Alves -, which serves around 80 children from surrounding communities (linkar para a página do Instituto), We also have a job focused on employees.

Quarterly awards and a climate survey, the results of which are evaluated and inserted into a process that generates action and engagement at the two plants – Iguaçu and Santana do Paraíso.

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