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Cipalam has maintained, since April 2008, a social project that serves the community surrounding the two units – in the Iguaçu neighborhood, in Ipatinga, and in Santana do Paraíso. The Institute is named after the patriarch of the family – Mr. Raimundo Anício Alves, creator of Cipalam – and receives around 80 children and teenagers after hours, two days a week, for various activities, such as tutoring and judo classes.

It is the social branch of the company that is proud of the family history that it has been building since its opening in 1985.

The choice of participants, who are between six and 16 years old, is made according to the socioeconomic situation of the family, including the children of employees. The current management took over in 2014 and, since then, has been investing more and more in the quality of the work offered, from the material used to the snacks served to the children.

In 2020, the ‘Escola da Ponte’ was established, based on a Portuguese model in which children learn to be autonomous. They are taken to help with the purchases for the Institute and teach the minors during tutoring classes, for example. Always accompanied by the team, formed by professionals trained in pedagogy and graduated in ​​early childhood education.

The creation of Cipalam Institute arose out of concern for a boy, Matheus, who was four years old at the time, who was always close to the company, asking for help. The then president, Geraldo Eder, liked the idea of ​​helping not only Matheus, but the community where the factory was located, in the Iguaçu neighborhood. And in these 14 years, more than 200 children and adolescents have already been assisted.

Cipalam Quality

From the Institute to the

The Institute’s role is not just to welcome children in social vulnerability. It is also to prepare them for the job market. The plans are to create a class at Senai, with around 20 students who, when they finish the course, will be hired at Cipalam. It is just one of the ideas of the social arm, which will grow and make the Cipalam family even prouder.

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