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Integrated Management Policy

Integrated Management Policy


Integrated Management Policy

Cipalam is committed to disseminating the culture of excellence in its work, ensuring the quality of its processes and products. Environmental sustainability, social commitment, and stakeholder satisfaction, guided by governance values ​​and guidelines.

The implementation of such guidelines will be based on the following commitments:

– Meet the expectations of stakeholders, generating value and sustainable development, supported by the values ​​defended by Cipalam.

– Ensure compliance with all legal requirements and regulations in force, as well as the accounting and tax practices provided for by law. Having risk management and controls must be a premise for adequate governance.

– Ensure the execution and work based on innovation and continuous improvement of practices involving the manufacture of products and/or services, environment, and governance.

– Competent, diverse, satisfied, and aware of their role in environmental preservation, in the maintenance of organizational values ​​and in ethical coexistence.

– Ensure the efficient management of resources, to contribute to environmental preservation, the excellence of products and services provided externally, ensuring the sustainability of the business.

– Identify and evaluate environmental aspects, acting preventively on significant adverse impacts.

– Ensuring that in the relationships established in its business environment there is no discrimination due to race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other human condition, in addition to contributing to reducing such issues in society.

– Commitment to the surrounding community, promoting relationships and channels capable of establishing efficient communication. Promote, through its businesses, the social development of the community and region.

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