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Round Bar

Round Bar

Round Bar

With a circular cross section and a wide variety of gauges, the round bar guarantees the quality of the final product, in addition to facilitating when fittings and adjustments are necessary. It is mainly used in railings and gates, in the manufacture of axles and tools, and in machinery. Cipalam produces a wide mix of this item, allowing our customers to use optimized and economical applications in their projects.

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Tabela de Medidas

Barra Redonda3/8″9,530,560
Barra Redonda11,5 mm11,500,816
Barra Redonda12 mm12,000,888
Barra Redonda1/2″12,700,995
Barra Redonda9/16″14,291,260
Barra Redonda15 mm15,001,388
Barra Redonda5/8″15,881,556
Barra Redonda3/4″19,052,239
Barra Redonda7/8″22,233,049
Barra Redonda1″25,403,981

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